Team workshops

Team workshops

>> One for all and all for one. Really?

If you think the best teambuilding exercises involve acting like an ape in treetop adventure parks or racing around the track in a go-kart – I’m afraid I can’t help you.
The workshops I run place an emphasis on solving conflicts between managers and team members.

Problems with acceptance – typically stemming from the fact that a team leader was previously a member of the team him- or herself, or two dissimilar groups had to be merged into one – are just some of the many situations managers have to deal with when they’re managing individuals or groups of people.

To get to the crux of an issue more effectively, apart from drawing on classic methods of intervention I often turn to creative techniques used in art therapy. Sometimes it makes sense to express ideas visually or with pictures, especially when you’re dealing with soft or intangible issues like friction fuelled by group dynamics.

This can be a highly effective technique, even within teams. For example, it’s a good way to clarify different roles within a new department, or re-plan workflows following a company change initiative, or even help a supposedly difficult colleague become a more integrated member of a team.


  • Less time-wasting caused by friction within teams, more motivated team players, more identification with teams
  • Teams that tap into their full potential and give 100% (back)
  • More constructive self-management within teams by finding alternative courses of action
  • More certainty and a clear focus on objectives for team leaders