Management coaching

Management coaching

>> What if you’ve found a happy medium, but the smiles are beginning to fade?

You’re under pressure from above but they’re tugging at your sleeve from every other angle. When you’re a middle manager and heading up a team, a department or a unit, you face certain challenges simply because of the position you find yourself in. It just takes one side of the equation to come down on you (or at you) more heavily, and everything can be thrown out of kilter.

One key area I now specialise in as a coaching expert is the demands placed on managers in ‘sandwich positions’.

Of course I know all too well that different clients have to face different kinds of circumstances, and this understanding allows me to offer efficient support with your needs, nonetheless remaining highly sensitive to different phases within the business fuelled by ambiguity, uncertainty or reorientation.

Overall, my aim is to help managers achieve their aims by undertaking the shortest possible journey. Nothing is ever trivialised, but similarly nobody is expected to be a hero. What is important is to set a change process in motion to allow people to develop in a simple and pragmatic way. Ultimately, a manager has to be allowed to settle in and become properly accepted in their role.


  • More clarity, more efficiency regarding key problems and effective solutions
  • Confident managers who feel in control when faced with change
  • Long-term change rather than short-term treatment of the symptoms
  • Managers capable of fulfilling their proper potential again in the long term
  • Managers who are clear about their personal capabilities