Whose book are we going to take a leaf out of today?

When you’re busy trying to do your best on all fronts and all sorts of people are sending you here, there and everywhere, you need stability and a strong foundation – especially from within.
My aim and aspiration is to help managers – especially those ‘sandwiched’ in middle management – to tap into all their strength, stay calm, collected and in control, and gain a solid understanding of what their role as a manager is all about. And this allows lots of people to take a leaf (or more leaves) out of your sandwich managers’ book.

Welcome. I’m Mirela Kellner
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Managing in the middle.

The issues that occupy you are not just another issue for me. They’re an excellent starting point.

“This manager has lost control of a difficult person working for them.”

“We want to prepare middle managers and ensure they’re in good shape for Management by Objectives.”

Ein Stein rollt immer noch am besten von oben nach unten.
“A huge amount of work has been done, but often it had nothing to do with the agreed objectives.”

Manchmal ist das Ganze weniger
als die Summe der Teile.
“Our company’s expanding so quickly, the people heading up our teams are completely swamped.”

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft nur.
Erst im Sturm wird ihre Energie frei.
“The people heading up our teams are not accepted by the team members.”

Auch dem halb vollen Glas fehlen noch 50 Prozent.
“Our managers are desperately trying to keep their teams motivated in the long term.”

Irgendwann ist keine Karotte mehr groß genug, um ein Lockmittel zu sein.
“We’ve merged two teams but we’re having problems with the team leader and getting people to work together.”

Mirela Kellner, Seminare und Business Coaching